Julian Heavyside

Research Assistant

Key skills: fisheries and aquatic sciences; avian ecology; statistical modelling, data wrangling, analysis, and visualization in R; experimental design; research

Julian’s work focuses on applying quantitative techniques to complex environmental issues, particularly in fisheries and aquatic sciences. He has a broad research background in fisheries management, climate change vulnerability, avian ecology, evolutionary ecology, and data science in terrestrial and aquatic systems, which allows him to provide research and analysis support on a wide variety of complex projects. He has worked throughout the Americas, and has spent extensive time conducting fieldwork in remote areas from northwestern Alaska to southeastern Peru.

Julian holds a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of British Columbia, where he supported research in many different research lab groups. He worked on a variety of research topics during his undergrad, including migratory connectivity of wood warblers along the Pacific Flyway; trophic cascades in threespine stickleback lakes in BC; avian species interactions in Andean cloud forests in Peru and Colombia; and island biogeography on the Central Coast, BC.

Julian holds a M.Sc. in Zoology from the University of British Columbia, where he partnered with resource managers and researchers to support sockeye and coho salmon monitoring throughout Heiltsuk Territory on the Central Coast, BC. For his thesis, Julian used mark-recapture techniques to study the migratory ecology of Dolly Varden char in a salmon-bearing watershed. His research revealed an apparent migratory coupling between Dolly Varden and Pacific salmon, and documented seasonal habitat use and foraging behaviour that can be used to inform conservation assessments of this poorly-studied species of freshwater fish.

In between school, Julian worked as a contract wildlife biologist on numerous bird monitoring projects, and developed training materials and workshops to help equip early career biologists with field skills. Before joining ESSA, he worked as an independent contract biologist supporting sockeye salmon recovery efforts in the Atnarko River in Bella Coola, BC, and assessing climate change vulnerability of high elevation breeding birds in the North Cascades in BC.

In his free time, Julian keeps busy with birding and nature hikes, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, and tinkering in the garage.

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