June 22, 2020

COVID and Adaptive Management

David Marmorek Lead Scientist | Senior Partner, ESSA Bio | in What is Adaptive Management? As described elsewhere on this website, Adaptive Management (AM) is systematic, practical approach for improving management policies and practices. It provides a structured process for learning which management actions best meet management […]
June 22, 2020

Lessons Learned from COVID-19 about Resilience

David Marmorek Lead Scientist | Senior Partner, ESSA Bio | in Jimena Eyzaguirre International Team Director | Climate Change Adaptation Lead, ESSA Bio | in   What is resilience? In 1973, one of ESSA’s mentors, Dr. C.S. (Buzz) Holling, published a seminal paper on the Resilience and Stability of […]
February 7, 2019

The Great Sargassum Disaster of 2018

Sargassum blooms commonly occur and wash up on southern Caribbean beaches, but 2018 was different. The scale of the 2018 event was unprecedented: hundreds of beaches from French Guyana and the Atlantic coast of Trinidad in the south to Mexico and Florida in the north experienced the worst strandings of Sargassum in history.
September 20, 2018

What Role Does Adaptive Management Play in Restoring our Coast?

Restore the Mississippi River Delta and ESSA Technologies, Ltd. recently hosted a workshop for state and federal agencies and others working on the Environmental Impact Statement and adaptive management program for the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion.
April 18, 2018

Turn Taking confronts Jagger’s Law

Conventional approaches often fall short by emphasizing a handful of objectives which tends to promote a world of “winners and losers”. Even with creative identification of alternative actions complex and large-scale decision problems can rarely be boiled down to a handful of choices capable of enduring over a range of exogenous conditions.