What’s New

VDDT version 6.0 contains many new features:

  • VDDT’s menus and screens have been reorganized to make using the system more intuitive. In particular, the options for graphing and exporting output, and for controlling advanced features (such as multipliers, attributes and area limits) have now been streamlined.
  • All key user inputs are now stored in the VDDT Access database, making it easier to track and share models. New features added to the VDDT model database since version 5 include attributes, area limits and multipliers.
  • Options for exporting model output have been simplified and streamlined, making it easier to export model output for use in other applications (such as Excel and Access).
  • Options for importing and exporting model parameters have been improved, including the ability to import and export transition pathways and probabilities to/from Excel.
  • Batch run capabilities have been added, allowing multiple projects in a database to be run at one time. This feature is particularly useful when running VDDT over landscapes with multiple models. Batch runs of VDDT models can be invoked from other applications.