Download VDDT

VDDT has both a detailed User Guide and a fully indexed on-line help system. The User Guide describes how to use each of the many options available in VDDT, and contains a getting started section that describes new features and guides users through the basic steps required to run the model. It also includes a trouble-shooting guide to help users overcome some common problems. The on-line help provides immediate help on particular topics, and allows users to move easily between related topics.

Download VDDT

Click on the link below to register with the Software Coordinator and download the VDDT installation file.

Download VDDT 6.0.25
[SETUP - 28 mb]

Download VDDT Patches

As updated versions of VDDT become available, patches will be posted here for download. To update your copy of VDDT, extract the executable file from the ZIP archive and replace the existing VDDT.exe with the new one.

Build 25
[ZIP - 9 mb]

VDDT Release Notes V6.00.0025.txt


WinHlp32 is the utility that displays older format Help files (with the .hlp file name extension). Starting with Windows Vista, this application is no longer automatically installed with Windows. To view *.hlp files on computers with Windows Vista or later operating systems, you will need to download and install WinHlp32 from the Microsoft Download Center. Once you have located the version you need for your operating system and have downloaded and installed WinHlp32,  you can view *.hlp files for any application that uses *hlp files, including TELSA and VDDT.  You should install WinHlp32 before attempting to install VDDT or TELSA.

Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or later;
  • WinHlp32 help system (Vista/W7/W8), and
  • 512 MB memory.

Installation Instructions

  1. If you have a previous version of VDDT, please save all your data and uninstall the prior version first before proceeding. For more information about installing an upgraded version of VDDT, see Installing VDDT in the User Guide.
  2. Begin the install by double-clicking the installation program file (VDDTSetup.V6.00.0025.exe).Windows Vista and Windows 7 users must install VDDT as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the installation file and select Run as Administrator from the context-sensitive menu.
  3. Follow the install wizard instructions to complete the installation.
  4. When the installation is complete, the on-line help system and User Guide can be accessed from Start | Programs | VDDT as well as from VDDT’s Help menu.
  5. Before you begin working with VDDT, navigate to where you installed VDDT. Make a copy of the sample VDDT database (VDDT.mdb) and save it in a working folder somewhere else on your computer. You can name this database anything you wish.


Trouble-shooting installation with Windows Vista/W7/W8

Contact Information

For more information on VDDT, please contact the Software Coordinator.