The VDDT development team at ESSA currently includes Diana Abraham, Sarah Beukema, Colin Daniel, Leonardo Frid, Don Robinson and Tom Roe.

We thank Paul Hessburg, Wendel Hann, Jim Byler, and Al Harvey for supporting the initial idea for VDDT, and the many users and participants of various workshops who patiently worked with earlier versions of VDDT and provided suggestions and feedback that helped us to improve the tool. We especially thank Don Long, Kathy Schon, and the members of the Insect and Pathogens Working Group for their contributions to the success of this initiative.

Kelly Pohl, Kori Blankenship, Don Long, Jim Merzenich, Jim Smith, Sue Hagle, Jim Byler, Andy Taylor, Susan Schilling, and Wendel Hann also provided ideas and suggestions that led to new features implemented in versions 3 through 6.

VDDT development has been funded by many sources. Initial funding was provided by the Interior Columbia River Basin Assessment Project. Additional resources have been provided by LANDFIRE, the US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, the Canadian Forest Service, Forest Renewal BC and ESSA Technologies Ltd.