Decision Support Tool (DST)

Decision Support Tool for Addressing Invasive Species in Garry Oak and Associated Ecosystems

Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team

In the fall of 2001, the Invasive Species Steering Committee of the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) embarked on a project to prepare and compile information towards the development of a decision support tool (DST) to address invasive species in Garry oak and associated ecosystems (GOEs). ESSA Technologies Ltd. was engaged to review the current status of decision support tools for invasive species in British Columbia, design a decision support framework for invasive species in these ecosystems, compile a list of the top ten invasive plant species currently threatening GOEs in BC, and develop the DST.

The framework was divided into three main sections (ecosystem characterization, risk assessment, and management actions) and structured around a set of questions that help users decide whether, and how, to manage for invasive species.

ESSA then developed the DST, based in part on a series of “knowledge engineering workshops” with ecosystem managers who have first hand experience in trying to manage invasive species in these ecosystems. The tool was intended to serve as a simple, paper-based expert system to help non-expert users make informed invasive species management decisions. Based on user feedback, the DST has since been broken down into several smaller stand-alone products that users can select from to suit their needs, including Best Management Practices for managing five different invasive plant species, and a general decision process for managing invasive plant species in GOEs. These products are available through the GOERT web site.

GOE – DST Reports and Publications

Murray, C.M. 2007. General Decision Process for Managing Invasive Plant Species in Garry Oak and Associated Ecosystems (GOEs). Prepared for the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team and The Nature Conservancy of Canada. 8 pp.
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Murray, C. and R.K. Jones. 2002. Adaptive Management Strategy for the Decision Support Tool to Address Invasive Species in Garry Oak and Associated Ecosystems. Prepared by ESSA Technologies Ltd. and R. Keith Jones & Associates, Victoria, B.C. for the GOERT Invasive Species Steering Committee, Victoria. 8 pp.
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Best Practices