Forest Product Sector Model (FPS)

Canadian Forest Service

Since 1990, scientists at ESSA have developed and applied a model for the Forest Product Sector (FPS) of Canada’s Forests. The model traces the carbon in forests from harvest through processing into products and finally to landfills. It tracks losses from transportation, processing, and decomposition. The model accounts for the carbon that is both exported from Canada and imported into Canada. The model also tracks the energy use by type of energy, by each different processing type.

The model uses national data to parameterize the model. For harvest information, the model can use either volume data or it can use the carbon output from the Carbon Budget Model of the Canadian Forest Service. The FPS model is currently a research tool, and not available to the public.

The FPS model has been used to assess the past (1920-1989) and potential future (1990-2032) role of harvested wood products in the carbon balance of forests. Using the model, we have explored the impacts of using different types of energy, accounting for changes in future processing methods and regional differences within Canada.