Canada Goose Management

Development of a Decision Support Tool for Canada Goose Management

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

ESSA was engaged by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to design and develop a customized database in MS Access for use as a research tool in support of Canada goose management efforts in the province. Following a comprehensive needs assessment, a database structure was designed that would accommodate banding and re-encounter (recapture, observation, harvest) data from five different sources. A detailed set of import rules was then developed to govern the way in which the various fields of data would be integrated into the database, and the routines for import were written accordingly. Over 300,000 records were successfully imported into the database, and extensive quality checking followed to ensure that the data had been imported correctly. Detailed step-by-step instructions explaining how to import data into the database from each source were also prepared to enable OMNR researchers to import subsequent years’ data themselves.