Natural resource management and decision making require effective tools to assess the trade-offs between alternative choices. These choices can be complex, and often defy “mental arithmetic”.

Our staff have many years of experience in the design, development, and application of models, decision support tools and environmental information systems in the areas of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem management.

As the success of a resource management model is defined by its actual use, we work closely with our clients during all stages of model design, development and implementation. Our approach has produced successful tools that are used throughout North America.

ESSA’s strength is our deep domain understanding and ability to facilitate across disciplines. We bring together groups of experts and end users, operators, and stakeholders to carry out business and requirements analysis to ensure that the right tool is built – one that will be effective and will fill the real business need.

In addition to the development, documentation and implementation of decision support tools, we provide:

  • assessment of requirements of resource managers (user needs and requirements assessment)
  • state of the science reviews and syntheses
  • model audits and assessments that examine model performance and integrity
  • training and user support