River Analysis

The River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) helps us understand the complexities of river systems using an Arc GIS platform.
The Geomorphic Change Detection (GCD) tool was developed primarily for morphological sediment budgeting in rivers but can be applied to many different spatial change detection problems.

Fish Management

The Okanagan Fish Water Management Tool (OKFWM) guides real-time water release decisions at the Okanagan Lake Dam.
The Integrated Costs Database Tool enables users to explore various combinations of fish sampling approaches in the Columbia River Basin.
The Salmon Viability Monitoring Model allows users to explore how alternative monitoring strategies might affect salmon population viability assessments.
The MERCI data management tool provides data warehousing and weekly catch statistics for roving and access site creel surveys.
The MERCI Precision Estimation Tool (PET) is a stand-alone software package designed to estimate precision of bootstrap simulation data generated by the MERCI software.

Terrestrial Modelling

A computerized harvest planning system based on the current Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) guidelines for setting moose harvest quotas.
RISKMAN, a sophisticated model for risk management of wildlife populations.
The Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS; also known as Prognosis) is an individual-tree, distance-independent forest stand projection model, simulating the growth and mortality of a sample of a stand’s trees.
The Tool for Exploratory Landscape Scenario Analyses (TELSA) is a spatially explicit, GIS-based landscape-level model for simulating terrestrial ecosystem dynamics.
The Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT) provides a state and transition landscape modelling framework for examining the role of various disturbance agents and management actions in vegetation change.
Path Landscape Model - this vegetation modeling tool uses state-and-transition models to simulate vegetation conditions on a landscape into the future by considering the interaction between succession, unplanned disturbance and planned actions.

Water Management

The Ecological Flows Tool (EFT) is a database centered software system for linking flow management actions to changes in the physical habitats for several focal species of concern.
The Okanagan Fish Water Management Tool (OKFWM) guides real-time water release decisions at the Okanagan Lake Dam.
Use of decision analysis to design adaptive flow management experiments in Clear Creek, northern California; US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.

Carbon Accounting

Simulation modelling of the Canadian forest sector carbon budget for the Canadian Forest Service.
Forest Product Sector (FPS) model traces the carbon in forests from harvest through processing into products and finally to landfills.

Decision Support

Decision support tool (DST) for addressing invasive species in Garry oak and associated ecosystems (GOEs).
Fish Forestry Interaction Program Management Model (FFIP-MM) integrates the complex chain of processes that links upslope logging activities with distant changes in fish habitat.
Development of a Decision Support Tool for Canada Goose Management.