Software development is a key component of much of the work that ESSA does ranging from simulation models to specialized data analysis, and GIS based decision support tools to web information portals. ESSA develops both single use software tools for a specific project or analysis and specialist decision support tools that are intended for a broad audience including public interfaces.

ESSA works with a number of different development environments, tools, and languages depending on requirements. Some applications require an Open Source approach while others are better suited to the use of commercial tools. ESSA has capabilities in Microsoft Visual Studio based development (VB.NET, C#, Fortran), web interface development (ASP.NET, JavaScript, and HTML5 utilizing Microsoft IIS or Apache web servers), and specialty languages for statistical analysis and data processing such as R.

ESSA develops applications on both the client side and server side with user interfaces developed for desktops and increasingly web interfaces for a range of different devices including smart phones and tablets.

Development of databases is more than just designing properly normalized schemas, it is also about understanding the problem domain in depth to ensure that schemas are expandable and flexible. ESSA can bring a unique combination of deep domain understanding and rigorous schema design for the development of databases. ESSA works with a range of different database software including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

For the development of decision support tools for technical and public use, ESSA’s strength is our deep domain understanding and ability to facilitate groups of end users, operators, and stakeholders to carry out effective business and requirements analysis to ensure that the right tool is built – one that will be effective and will fill the real business need