ESSA has been developing environmental information systems since the company’s founding in 1979. Early work focused on computer tools such as simulation models and decision support systems for natural resource management (e.g., terrestrial and aquatic resources), and
later evolved to include the field of computerized expert systems for environmental impact assessment (EIA). Since the early 1990s, we have been integrating geographic information systems (GIS) and relational databases into our software solutions.

Our objective at ESSA is to provide clients with the customized software and services they need to translate their knowledge and data into improved decision making. Our strength is that we develop our solutions using a unique combination of computer skills and environmental expertise. This approach allows us to fully understand the challenges and requirements of our clients, and to identify, design and develop the best computer tools for meeting these needs. We have used this approach in hundreds of projects around the world, with clients in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

Services that we provide

  • User requirements assessment
  • System design, development, and implementation
  • GIS analysis
  • Spatial modelling
  • Remote sensing and image analysis
  • Web design, development, and mapping
  • Technical documentation
  • Training/technology transfer

Technologies that we integrate:

  • Computer simulation models
  • Relational databases
  • Expert systems
  • Web applications
  • GIS – both desktop and web-based
  • Remote sensing
  • Decision support systems