Identifying Science Priorities for Ontario’s Living Legacy Trust

Living Legacy Trust

The Living Legacy Trust was an agency established by the Ontario Provincial Government in 1999 to address the province’s commitment to provide improved future opportunities for the forest industry and to improve fish and wildlife access management consistent with Ontario’s Forest Accord. In all, there were nine Trust Purposes and the overall commitment of $30 million to the Trust with specific funding commitments for each of nine Trust Purposes.

ESSA was contracted to help identify research priorities in three major areas: i) enabling increased use of Crown timber (e.g., intensive silviculture); ii) increasing the understanding of fish and wildlife habitats and the linkage between habitats and populations; and iii) enabling an ecological approach to fish and wildlife management To meet this challenge within the very tight time frame available, ESSA facilitated a 2-day workshop attended by 50 representatives from industry (forest, consulting), government (provincial, federal), First Nations, academia, and non-governmental organizations to build consensus regarding the science (research) priorities needed to support informed decision-making and enhanced resource management in Ontario.