Facilitation and Mediation

ESSA Technologies Ltd. offers professional facilitation services for sound and collaborative resolution of environmental challenges in all of our key domain areas, including terrestrial and aquatic ecology, integrated ecosystem management, environmental monitoring, state of environment reporting and impact assessment. We help single and multi-party groups in many different ways: designing and managing mediation processes aimed at environmental consensus building, negotiating environmental management partnerships, designing and convening policy dialogues and round tables, building institutional capacity for management and co-management of natural resources, joint fact-finding, cooperative research design, ecological modelling to facilitate stakeholder understanding of science-intensive debates, and collaborative community consensus-building.

We believe that effective workshops require considerable up-front planning, organization and preparation, and that high quality, professional facilitation begins long before the actual event. We have considerable experience in helping clients design and deliver highly successful workshops where objectives and outcomes are clearly defined, well-understood, and achieved.

Selected Projects