Environmental Risk Calculator

BC Hydro and Power Authority

BC Hydro has recently revised its corporate risk management framework for estimating the consequences and risk associated with environmental incidents. An Environmental Incident Reporting (EIR) system is already in place to track events such as spills, floods and entrainment that have the potential to impact the environment.

ESSA was engaged to develop an extension to this system to estimate a value for the consequence of an incident. The new system needed to import incidents from the EIR and lead users through a dynamic series of questions to help classify the incident into a consequence category. In addition, the risk calculator allows users to estimate the consequence and likelihood associated with hypothetical events.

ESSA worked with BC Hydro risk management specialists to design a system that could fulfill their needs. It was concluded that an Intranet software application, together with an underlying centralized database to store the data, was the most appropriate solution. A secure database was developed in SQL Server, together with all the lookup lists and audit trail features required to manage the incidents and scenarios. ASP.net was used to develop the user interface, with security roles controlling access to the different features within the application.

The finished solution has been deployed within BC Hydro’s corporate Intranet, and is used daily by a number of different business groups. Future plans include extending the reporting capabilities of the system and developing graphical representations such as incident frequency.