Cai Lan Port Expansion Project, Viet Nam

Environmental Management and Monitoring for the Cai Lan Port Expansion Project, Viet Nam

Nippon Koei Co. Ltd., Japan / Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

In 1998, ESSA conducted a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Cai Lan Port Development project in Viet Nam. Due in part to the thoroughness and scientific integrity of that EIA, ESSA was subsequently retained by Nippon Koei Engineers (Japan) to supervise the environmental management and monitoring program for the Project’s USD 65 million construction phase.

ESSA’s specific tasks included:

  • providing substantive input to the design of social and environmental monitoring programs;
  • writing Terms of Reference documents for national consultants;
  • managing progress and quality of work conducted by national environmental/social consultants;
  • working with the client and national consultants to interpret data; and
  • making construction recommendations based on the information obtained.