ESSA was engaged by the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) to lead the development of an Online Data Portal (ODP) in support of watershed restoration actions designed to rehabilitate the river ecosystem of the Trinity River in northern California. The goal of the ODP is to identify the most appropriate data for Trinity River water management decisions and then make it available to scientists and decision makers in a timely manner.

The ODP integrates a unique mix of data sources and structures, along with Geographic Information System (GIS) data, in a central database allowing secure access to partner organizations outside the government information system network. A key component to any data management system is the ability to find documents and data, and the ODP has a Google-like search engine for discovering spatial and non-spatial information.

The ODP has been designed to be scalable; based on a set of common modules applicable to all river systems with river-specific features included as add-ons to the system.