ESSA have developed short standardized ‘report cards’ and ‘snapshots’ of all Skeena Conservation Units (CUs) for sockeye, Chinook, coho, pink, and chum salmon to support the work of the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) in northwest British Columbia.

These report cards/snapshots summarize in map-based and graphic formats the habitat and biological information for each salmon CU. This work allows for evaluation of the regional habitat threats and pressures facing Skeena salmon CUs and represents easy-to-understand reference materials for evaluation/review of the status of Skeena CUs.

Habitat Report Cards


Watershed and CU-scale GIS-based evaluations of the relative pressures/risks to habitats used by sockeye, Chinook, coho, pink and chum salmon across the Skeena Basin.

Conservation Unit Snapshots


Short standardized reports (snapshots) summarizing in graphic form the current information available for the habitat and biological status of each of the sockeye, pink, chum, coho and Chinook Conservation Units (CUs) present in the Skeena drainage.