Our corporate mission is to “bring together people, science and analytical tools to sustain healthy ecosystems and human communities”. We achieve this mission by helping clients deal with tough, emerging problems, by applying a neutral, thorough evaluation of evidence, and by exploring innovative solutions for a more sustainable world. ESSA’s staff are problem solvers, big-picture thinkers, data driven, creative, and innovative, driven by an aspiration to become trusted advisors to our clients.

Clint Alexander
Clint AlexanderPresident | Practice Area - Environmental Water Mgmt.
David Marmorek
David MarmorekLead Scientist | Sr. Partner
Carol Murray
Carol MurraySr. Partner | Adaptive Management Lead
Marc Nelitz
Marc NelitzSr. Systems Ecologist | Adaptive Management Lead
Jimena Eyzaguirre
Jimena EyzaguirreInternational Team Director | Climate Change Adaptation Lead
Darcy Pickard
Darcy PickardSr. Statistician | Sr. Systems Ecologist | EA/Cumulative Effects Assessment Lead
Brian Ma
Brian MaSr. Systems Ecologist | Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences Lead
Brendan Connors
Brendan ConnorsSr. Systems Ecologist | Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences Lead
Marc Porter
Marc PorterSr. Systems Ecologist
Don Robinson
Don RobinsonSr. Systems Ecologist
Cedar Morton
Cedar MortonSr. Systems Ecologist
Sarah Beukema
Sarah BeukemaSr. Systems Ecologist
Alex Hall
Alex HallSystems Ecologist
Frank Poulsen
Frank PoulsenSr. Systems Ecologist
Natascia Tamburello
Natascia TamburelloSystems Ecologist | Science Communications Specialist
Patricia de la Cueva Bueno
Patricia de la Cueva BuenoEnvironmental Specialist
Erica Olson
Erica OlsonSystems Ecologist
Hugh Stimson
Hugh StimsonTechnology Integrator
Virginia Ng
Virginia NgController
Tanya Chen
Tanya ChenProject Accountant
James Han
James HanAccounting Technician
Laurelle Santana
Laurelle SantanaExecutive Coordinator