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We bring together people, science and analytical tools

to sustain healthy ecosystems and human communities.

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As an expertise based firm,

we seek to help clients facing tough, emerging problems.

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Our work is based on a neutral, thorough evaluation of evidence.


Industry News

ESSA Tools

Ecological Flows Tool

The Ecological Flows Tool (EFT) is a database-centered decision support system for linking flow, gravel and channel management actions to changes in the physical habitats for selected species of concern.Learn More

River Bathymetry Toolkit

The River Bathymetry Toolkit (RBT) is a suite of GIS tools that work within the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software which allows users to describe and measure river channels using high resolution digital elevation models (DEM).Learn More

Okanagan Fish Water Management Tool

The Okanagan Fish Water Management Tool (OKFWM) is an internet-accessible model developed by ESSA to guide real-time water release decisions at Okanagan Lake Dam.Learn More

Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool

Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT) provides a state and transition landscape modelling framework for examining the role of various disturbance agents and management actions in vegetation change.Learn More