ESSA Technologies is an innovative consulting company specializing in environmental sciences and decision support.

Our mission is to bring together people, science and analytical tools to sustain healthy ecosystems and human communities.

The key to our success is a unique and rich combination of scientific expertise, advanced tools for systems analysis, and innovative communications techniques. We provide ideas, tools, and disciplinary expertise; our dedicated and knowledgeable team of scientists fills a niche in the consulting field — we work together in interdisciplinary teams with our clients, applying quantitative methods and qualitative concepts to resolve complex natural resource and environmental management problems.

ESSA Technologies is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more about ESSA’s international projects and operations here.


November 13, 2013 New publication on Cumulative Impact Assessment and Management

IFC Good Practice Handbook on Cumulative Impact Assessment and Management: Guidance for the Private Sector in Emerging Markets. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) contracted ESSA Technologies to assist them in developing a methodology to assist private sector companies in emerging markets identify cumulative impacts and guide them in the effective design and implementation of measures […]

September 10, 2013 New publication: Insight into Enabling Adaptive Management

The online journal Ecology and Society has just published a paper authored by ESSA discussing factors that enable good adaptive management: Greig, L. A., D. R. Marmorek, C. Murray and D. C. E. Robinson. 2013. Insight into Enabling Adaptive Management. Ecology and Society 18 (3): 24. [online] URL:

September 4, 2013 Skeena Sockeye Habitat Report Cards

The Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) contracted ESSA Technologies Ltd. to undertake, with the guidance of a Technical Advisory Committee of Skeena regional experts, an evaluation of the extent and intensity of landscape-scale pressures affecting freshwater habitats used by Skeena lake-type sockeye. The project provides a summary of the regional pressures facing Skeena lake-type sockeye habitats […]

September 4, 2013 CCME – Tools for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for Watersheds

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment has recently released a report entitled “Tools for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for Watersheds” which was prepared by ESSA in partnership with WaterSmith Research. This compendium of tools was prepared to aid technical experts, adaptation planners and resource managers in developing climate change vulnerability assessments of water […]

August 27, 2013 European Fire Ants in the News

With colleagues at the SFU School of Resource and Environmental Management, ESSA recently completed a study for the BC Ministry of Environment, to create a framework for the ecological and economic analysis of invasive animal species in British Columbia. The analysis consisted of 5 case studies which were selected to represent different taxonomic groups and […]

August 15, 2013 New Forest Vegetation (FVS) Tools

ESSA has just completed a two year project in partnership with the US Forest Service. A key feature of the project is an architectural enhancement that allows the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) to be closely integrated with other landscape modeling and planning tools. A second key development is the “release” of the FVS code base […]


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